About Us


In Phoenix International School, teaching and learning (formerly known as Curriculum and Instruction) focus on how our students learn, and the best teaching practices being implemented. Thus, learning occurs in a motivating and progressive environment: Our instructional programs strive to develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and strong communication skills in all school domains.

Phoenix International School offers two types of programs and implements a Computer-Based learning in grades 2 through 7. The programs are as follow:

  1. The Lebanese Program (K-12): This program follows a curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. Subjects taught in these classes are Arabic, English, Science (Grades 1 till 6), Sciences (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry: Grades 7 till grade 12), French (till grade 8), Mathematics, Social Studies (Grades 4 till grade 12), Physical Education, Information Technology (till grade 11), Music and Art (till grade 8).
  2. The American High School Program (Grades 4 till 12): Parallel to the Lebanese Program, the American High School Program is tailored to suit foreign and Lebanese students who meet the government’s requirements for exemption from the Arabic Language study and official exams (Brevet, and Baccalaureate II). Phoenix International School has the High School Diploma accreditation by the Lebanese Ministry of Education upon completion of grade 12. High School students (starting from grade eleven sit for internationally recognized exams such as SAT, SAT II, and TOEFL.

Integrating Technology into Learning: Phoenix International School helps students develop twenty-first century skills and uses the most effective instructional technology to teach them. Hence, K-12 classrooms are all equipped with technological tools that are used to enhance teaching and learning. Teachers and students interact with each other using various resources including technology.

Further, Grades 2 till 7 classrooms are well – equipped with interactive boards; and every student has his/her own tablet that both enhance instruction in content areas, and help students become 21st century literate with the use of technology.


What Makes us Different

  • Using new and innovative teaching techniques and strategies to challenge, motivate, and educate our students
  • work as a team cooperatively and collaboratively to ensure a quality education for all students
  • address the concerns of students based on their social, intellectual, emotional and physical needs
  • work with the parents and the community to encourage them to become an integral part of the students' educational lives
  • create an environment that is always conducive to learning

We are fortunate to have a staff of highly qualified professionals who will make sure not to have any child left behind