The Secondary Level

The secondary level comprises classes from grade 10 to 12. Grade 10 is divided into two different streams at the end of the school year according to the school’s promotion requirements policy: Literary, and Scientific.

At the end of grade 11, students’ grades and class council reports are reviewed in order to place them in the most suitable stream: Economics and Sociology, Life Science, or General Science (and again this decision is based on the school’s promotion requirements policy).

Phoenix International School strive to make sure students in this level be fully prepared for university level studies. We want all students to become life - long learners and to be ready after high school graduation to start earning a degree that will help them develop a fulfilling career. Therefore, in grades 10 through 12, students are given the opportunity to start preparing for university admission through a series of orientation tasks and one-to-one conferences conducted by “Waznat” Association.

Our students participate in the MUN every year. The Model United Nations program is an academic simulation of the United Nations Agenda. Our students annually participate in university-held events assuming the roles of real countries and debating real-world issues. The program builds on a lot of skills learned in the classroom including effective writing, speaking, debating, and coordinating.