PHX preschool serves children 3 years old till 5 years through range of programs designed to make the most of each child’s natural desire to learn. We aim to nurture all domains of the child’s learning, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills.

Early childhood classrooms are safe and inviting. Children are eager to join fun, educational activities which advocates itself to learning through inquiry: Students learn to read and write, convers with others through various resources such as centers, technological tools, drama… In preschool, students are taught the main subjects: English, Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and French (as a third language) in a structured manner.

The goal of teaching Mathematics in preschool is to help children make meaningful links between mathematical concepts and real life.

The scientific method guides our children in the Science program. They explore the world, state their own hypotheses in their own words, and predict outcomes.

Social Studies is introduced indirectly in the main content areas: English and Arabic. Art, and Physical Education, and Music are introduced in a safe environment through individual and group activities.

Our play area is well equipped and safe. Preschool teachers are always around to watch over children and maintain safety in the playground.